Aculor provides products and services to allow for precision management of your crops.  

AgEagle - Your "Eyes in the sky" 

AgEagle - Your "Eyes in the sky"
Aculor is licensed dealer of the AgEagle.  W
e help growers increase yields and reduce input costs by creating aerial images of crops. The AgEagle precision agriculture photography system is designed for agricultural professions so they can have a complete aerial view of their crops to help precisely identify crop health and field conditions much faster than any other method available.  The AgEagle permits the farmer or agronomist to view the entire field rather than just a small portion. 

Images can be either still or video photography. Still photography includes standard full spectrum color photos or NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) enhanced photos that mimic infrared wavelengths. The NDVI enhanced photos are used to determine the health of plants. uses multispectral systems to survey your crops and provide analysis for a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial photography by airplanes or satellites.  This allows us to image your crop frequently during the growing season using multispectral instruments, providing you with trends indicating moisture content, plant stress, and disease.  With this information in hand, your crew on the ground can adjust sprinklers, and apply precision fertilization, herbicide, or pesticide exactly where needed before it would be visible to the naked eye.  Our affordable imaging service will save you labor, material costs, and increase your crop yield.  

The aircraft itself was designed to be “Tractor Tuff” because we know the AgEagle will encounter challenging flying conditions and operators with varying degrees of expertise. The wing is “hardened” with fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber components and other composite materials so as to improve survivability and to protect your investment. The AgEagle flying wing performs well even in windy conditions. 

The AgEagle will be a dependable component of a precision agriculture program for a wide range of farm and ranch applications. 

Our Experience Shows!

Aaron Sahlstrom
With roots on a farm in the Willamette valley, a degree in Management Information Systems from Oregon State, and a career managing software development and technical services, Aaron brings business acumen and and vision for how technology can bring value to growers in the Northwest. 

Aaron Paul
With a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State, Aaron brings 20+ years of experience in imaging systems automation. Paul's expertise with image processing and automation technology in the Timber Mill Industry is directly applicable to saving labor and material costs through precision agriculture. 

Ron Hartley
With a degree in Business Administration from Eastern Oregon University, Ron brings 35+ years in network engineering and software automation, and 15 years managing customer facing technology services and infrastructure. Aculor customers can count on Ron to ensure high availability and that their services are delivered accurately and on time. 

Joey Myers
An experienced viticulturalist and vineyard manager with Vinetenders and Siltstone Wines, Joey graduated from Oregon State University in 2006.  He brings the experience and depth of knowledge to ensure our products and services meet the needs of growers in the Northwest.